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CORRESPONDENCE:   letter from President of USDA Tony and Diana Rock regarding COVID 19

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Guidelines for Reviving Square Dancing in the Wake of COVID-19

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To ALL EDSARDA Club Members

From: President of EDSARDA


Hello everyone!


We hope everyone is feeling well during this time in our lives!  We all miss dancing and hope we will back to dancing soon!


We apologize for the last minute notice but we were trying to work out some logistics.  Since we cannot meet in person on Sunday, May 3rd for

the Eastern District Square and Round Dance Association's annual meeting, we are planning a FREE conference call at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday,

May 3rd (Yes, next Sunday!).  We would send out an email letting everyone know the FREE conference call number and access code. 

You would call into that number and we would run our meeting accordingly.  We would just ask that all put their phones on mute when reports

are reviewed and then unmute to ask questions or make comments.  


If you plan to participate, please reply by Wednesday if you will be participating so that we can arrange to email the minutes and all accompanying reports.  


Thank you for your cooperation during these times.  


Rita & Corey Wood


Eastern District Square and Round Dance Association