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To ALL EDSARDA Club Members

CORRESPONDENCE:   Information from President of EDSARDA  (March 7, 2021)



As the restrictions placed on society during the pandemic are starting to ease up
and dancing will hopefully be right around the corner, we are requesting dancers and leaders
take part in a survey about your comfort for dance levels. Please take a minute to participate
in this brief survey listed below. THANKS in advance


SURVEY - Square Dancing in New England and COVID-19





CORRESPONDENCE:   letter from President of EDSARDA  (December 8, 2020)


To ALL EDSARDA Club Members

From: President of EDSARDA


Dear Fellow Dancers,


2020 has been quite a year!  Dancing has pretty much come to a halt due to the unavailability of halls and guidelines from the Center for Disease Control, state and local agencies. Mike Dusoe and Denise Carbonell have created two-couple dances through the computer and others have joined in the fun hosting a variety of virtual dances. 

Since many clubs have not been having dances and lessons, the Eastern District Square and Round Dance Association (EDSARDA) Board of Directors has realized that clubs may be having financial struggles and so we have voted unanimously to WAIVE all the dues for this year (2021) for all clubs and associations. 

We are hoping to host a Leadership Seminar in August with Keynote Speaker, Mike Hogan of CallerLab and Marketing Director for iHeart Media discussing marketing strategies as well as other Breakout sessions pertinent to our activity.  For a Sneak Preview, your club may be interested in the United Square Dancers of America “Beyond the Dance Floor” ZOOM series, especially on February 13, 2021 when Mike Hogan presents “Promoting Square Dancing During the Most Challenging of Times”.  We recommend the website WWW.UDSA.ORG for more information.

Meanwhile, stay healthy and hope to see you on the dance floor soon!



Rita & Corey Wood





CORRESPONDENCE:   letter from President of USDA Tony and Diana Rock regarding COVID 19

( please click on link to the right):      Letter from USDA President    



Guidelines for Reviving Square Dancing in the Wake of COVID-19

please click on link to the right):      Callerlab COVID-19 guidance